PROSA: Security by design

With PROSA you can test system vulnerability in applications and application layers for a range of distinct attack types, including confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

Compared with traditional security checks, which typically screen for only one type of potential danger, PROSA can give you close to 100% security confidence in your solution.

Our product introduces a formal approach, applying advanced mathematics for developing security models, and optionally testing your solution before green-lighting deployment.

The unique PROSA solution simulates passive and active attacks affecting the application layer, including data communication. We provide easy-to-use software which does not require IT security specialists to reach and document high-security levels in your product.

Furthermore, we have an approach that helps you document compliance, e.g. with the PSD2 regulation. Together with certification organizations, we can help you document that your solution fulfills the requirements of nearly any regulation.

“It would be hard to fundamentally prove the security of our solution using any other means. [..] We estimate that going to market with a solution not validated by PROSA would have been much harder. Being able to show that we had fully analysed the solution was a key reason for the successful evaluation.”

Trond Lemberg

CEO, Protectoria

Some of our customers