Prosa Security offers products that reduce risks and enable quick changes while saving resources.

Risk analysis report

A detailed, prioritized risk analysis including consequence and likelihood factors and a suggested course of action.

System Overview

Prosa Security helps you gain control over the security aspects of your system by letting you model and visualize them in the design and development stage.

Large security systems typically have a layered architecture and a complex key hierarchy. Using Prosa Security, you can easily see how your revisions and changes affect the security of your whole system and verify that it meets stringent requirements. Standard protocols, such as TLS, SSL, etc. are available as libraries.

Security in Vendor Applications

Prosa Security reduces the risks associated with incorporating third-party software by conducting a systematic overview of its critical aspects.

Mobile Application Security tool

Prosa Security gives you tools to secure your mobile platform. You can assess risks and vulnerabilities in your mobile apps, whether developed in-house or by third-party vendors.

Software development security

Prosa Security helps you design secure software. With us, you can catch and eliminate potential security flaws in your design before they reach production.