Prosa company Team

Anders Moen Hagalisletto

Cheif Excutive Officer (CEO),

PhD Computer Science

Anders Moen Hagalisletto is the CEO and Leader at Prosa security company. He has 15 years experiences as the research sicientist, consultant and software developer. He has PhD degree in Computer Science from Oslo University. His main research interest area is security research and development He has high experiences for leadership various research scientist projects.

Erik Vasaasen

Development Manger


Erik Vassasen is the development Manger of Prosa Board with more than 25 years as Project managemnt team, System design and programming with focus on the computer security. He has Master degree of computer science, Psychology and Political Sicence. His research interest  focuses on Excellent technical knowledge of both Windows and Unix (in particular Linux), software design and development.

Erik Rosen


Erik Rosen is the Business Lawyer with the Board experience in business management of high-tech and life sciences companies. His responsibility in Prosa company is Chairman of the PROSA board, and supervisor of sales and delivery.

Olaf Owe

Cheif Advisor

Dr. scient

Prof. Olaf Owe has worked at Stanford University, Oxford University, University of California at San Diego, University of California at Santa Cruz,  and Oslo University. He has many years of research experience on research focus on safety, security, and privacy, including formalization of GDPR-related privacy policies. He has been the section leader at Department of Informatics and and has supervised  more than 30 PhD students.

Shohreh Monshizadeh

Lead developer

Shohreh is the Lead developer at Prosa company, Her education as the PhD research fellow  in the engineering which focuses on the application of the artificial intelligent algorithms and machine learning for solving the OPF problems. She has more than ten publications and Books in the filed of the intelligent algorithms. She has about six years experiences as the research scientist on the research and development.