About us

Prosa Security was established in 2015. We take advantage of 15 years' worth of research from the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Computing Center, as well as tests with large customers.


Prosa Security automatically generates the necessary software documentation for your system.


The history behind Prosa

Prosa Security uses models, methods and software originally developed at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Computing Center. Our new modeling and analysis tool is based on over a decade of research – we believe it will revolutionize how IT security professionals work and enable substantial improvements in the quality of critical software.

PROSA (PROtocol Specification and Analysis) relies on a unique "term rewriting" modeling and analysis system to identify issues and possible attacks. The proof of concept software has been successfully used in several leading financial companies.

The Prosa mission is to create a secure web


The Prosa process consists of software system modeling and automated establishment of security requirements, as well as an analysis of risks and possible threats.

"With Prosa Security Software, we managed to automate all steps in our process."


We are always looking for qualified people with cybersecurity knowledge. If you're interested, send your résumé to contact@prosasecurity.com.


Erik Rosen


E: erik.rosen@prosasecurity.com
T: +47 930 43 999

Anders Moen Hagalisletto


E: anders.moen.hagalisletto@prosasecurity.com 
T: +47 918 60 078

Åsmund Skomedal

Co founder

E: asmund.skomedal@prosasecurity.com 
T: +47 911 99 001 

A strong team with over 30 years' cybersecurity experience.

The Board of Directors:

Harald Olderheim

Chairman of the Board

Business Developer at Kjeller Innovasjon

Olav Steinnes

Member of the Board

CFO at Inven2

Åsmund Skomedal

Member of the Board

Co-founder and Research Director at Norwegian Computing Center 

Lars Holden

Member of the Board

Managing Director at Norwegian Computing Center



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Nov. 14 - 2016

Prosa Security featured in Finansavisen